Dr. Elda Grabocka Awarded Margaret Q. Landenberger Research Foundation Grant

Elda Grabocka, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Departments of Cancer Biology and Surgery at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center – Jefferson Health, has been awarded a grant from the Margaret Q. Landenberger Research Foundation to study KRAS-driven cancers. Her grant is titled “’Role of stress granules in the evolution of KRAS-driven tumors.” Grabocka’s research demonstrated for …


Dr. Veronica Rodriguez-Bravo Receives Grant from W.W. Smith Charitable Trust

Veronica Rodriguez-Bravo, PhD, Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology at Thomas Jefferson University and a member of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center – Jefferson Health, has been awarded a $135,000 grant for the project titled “Dissecting Targetable DNA Integrity Checkpoints in Prostate Cancer” from the W.W. Smith Charitable Trust. Rodriguez-Bravo is focused on advanced prostate cancer …


SKCC Researchers Receive NIH Grant to Study Prostate Cancer Disparities among African Americans

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center – Jefferson Health (SKCC) researchers have received a planning grant for Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) to Investigate Cancer Health Disparities (P20 grant) from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study a “precision interception approach” to prevent prostate cancer progression among African American men. Grace Lu-Yao, PhD, MPH, Associate …


Christine Eischen Receives AACR-Bayer Innovation and Discovery Grant

Christine M. Eischen, PhD, Co-Leader of the Molecular Biology & Genetics Program at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson, has been awarded a 2017 AACR-Bayer Innovation and Discovery Grant. Her grant is entitled, “Using PROTACS to target the Mdm2 oncoprotein.” The Innovation and Discovery Grant offers one-year grants to “meritorious projects that examine important, and …


Elda Grabocka Recipient of V Foundation Scholar Research Award

Congratulations to Elda Grabocka, PhD, who has been given a prestigious V Foundation Scholar Research Award. Her grant, entitled “Targeting Stress Adaptive Mechanisms as a Strategy for Precision Oncology in Pancreatic Cancer,” is focused on investigating stress granules as predictors of drug resistance and as effective therapeutic targets for the treatment of KRAS-driven pancreatic cancer. …