Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Specialist Validates the Five-Tiered Gleason Grade Grouping System


Grace Lu-Yao headshot

Scientists have validated the contemporary five-tiered Gleason Grade Grouping using population-based data. The study, led by scientific researcher Grace Lu-Yao, PhD, Associate Director of Population Science at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson, was published in the Journal of European Urology. The research conducted confirms that the proposed five-tiered Gleason grade grouping (GGG) system is effectively able to predict the mortality rate among prostate cancer patients.

By evaluating prostate cancer patients who were diagnosed between January 2006 and December 2012 and had primary and secondary Gleason patterns, researchers could quantify the risk of prostate cancer specific mortality and discover that the risk of prostate cancer specific mortality nearly doubled with each GGG increase.

The study concludes that racially diverse populations which reflect real-life involvements, confirms that the new five-tiered GGG system predicts prostate cancer specific mortality well, regardless of the cancer treatment received or clinical stage at diagnosis and can serve as a useful tool in determining treatment decisions.