2016 ASTRO Annual Meeting


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The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting is the premier radiation oncology scientific event in the world and draws more than 11,000 attendees each year. The 2016 Annual Meeting, taking place Sept. 25-28 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, will feature research from various members of the department of radiation oncology at Jefferson.

In addition, Jefferson faculty members are being recognized by ASTRO this year for various accomplishments.

Dr. Jessie DiNome will be recognized at the meeting for becoming a member of the 2016 Silver Pin Club, due to being an ASTRO member for 25 years.

Drs. Pramila Rani Anne, Voichita Bar Ad, Maria Werner-Wasik, and Yan Yu will be recognized for volunteering to review submitted abstracts.

Dr. Maria Werner-Wasik will also be honored for her contributions to the 2016 annual meeting by her service as Scientific Committee Track Chair.

Dr. Kamila Nowak and colleagues won the 3rd place Radiation and Cancer Biology Resident Poster Viewing Recognition Award.

Lastly, Dr. Tawfik Giaddui and colleagues won the 2nd place Radiation Physics Resident Poster Viewing Recognition Award.

Below is a complete list of Jefferson’s oral and poster presentations.

Oral Presentations:

Efficacy of post-operative radiation in a prostatectomy cohort adjusted for clinical and genomic risk
Robert B. Den, Adam P. Dicker

Pharmacological inhibition of Pd-1 exacerbates radiation-induced cardiac toxicity through cytotoxic T cell-mediated myocarditis
Shisuo Du, Gaurav Shukla, Adam P. Dicker, Bo Lu

Stat3 activation mediates stem cell, DNA repair and immunosuppressive properties in crizotinib-resistance ELM4-ALK-rearranged lung cancer
Shisuo Du, Adam P. Dicker, Bo Lu

Hypofractionated radiotherapy slashes the immune-suppressive activity on CDu+T cell in tumor microenvironment
Bo Lu, Adam P. Dicker

Caloric restriction augments the molecular effects of radiation in both hormone sensitive and hormone insensitive prostate cancers by decreasing inflammation
Brittany Simone, Tu Dan, Adam P. Dicker, Nicole L. Simone

A 24-gene predictor of response to post-operative radiation therapy in prostate cancer
Robert B. Den, Adam P. Dicker


Poster Presentations:

Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) using a SARRP for treating and monitoring therapy response in spontaneous Kras-driven lung tumor model
Shisuo Du, Virginia Lockamy, Christine Xue, Yan Yu, Adam P. Dicker, Bo Lu

Development and validation of genomic signature that predicts ADT treatment failure
Adam P. Dicker, Robert B. Den

Concurrent temozolomide and hypofractionated radiotherapy for recurrent high grade glioma
Shivank Garg, Joshua Palmer, Hyun Kim, Noelle Williams, Maria Werner-Wasik, Wenyin Shi

Towards improving treatment planning quality and efficiency using knowledge engineering and auto-planning:  A study based on NRG-HN001 clinical trial
Tawfik Giaddui

Improving treatment planning quality, consistency and efficiency using rapid and auto planning:  a feasibility study based on the NRG-HN002 clinical trial
Tawfik Giaddui

Initial clinical experience of short course low dose total skin electron beam irradiation (TSEBT) for patient with mycosis fungoides
Wenyin Shi

A pilot study of FDG PET lung uptake after thoracic radiation therapy and new pulmonary symptoms
Maria Werner-Wasik

The influence of insurance policy on radiation oncology physician SBRT/SABR use practices: a North American survey
Hyun Kim, Tu Dan, Maria Werner-Wasik

Improving resident education by providing CME and SAM credit to faculty in resident didactic sessions
Hyun Kim, Theresa Malatesta, Voichita Bar Ad, Pramila Rani Anne, Robert B. Den

High Ki67 labeling index in resected who grade 1 meningiomas correlates with a higher rate of recurrence
Kamila Nowak, Wenyin Shi, Maria Werner-Wasik

Early tumor progression prior to adjuvant therapy may predict survival in newly diagnosed glioblastoma
Joshua Palmer, Gaurav Shukla, Hyun Kim, Maria Werner-Wasik, Wenyin Shi

Applying ASTRO APEx guidelines and RO-ILS to medical malpractice in radiation oncology
Robert B. Den