Two SKCC PhD Students Invited To Present Research At International Meetings


Congratulations to two PhD students in Dr. Karen Knudsen’s laboratory who have been invited to speak at upcoming Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology!!

Jennifer Jones McMann, a student in the Genetics, Genomics and Cancer Biology PhD Program, will present “Novel Action of p53 Gain-of-Function Mutation in Prostate Cancer Progression” at the Keystone Conference on Metabolism, Transcription and Disease in January. Chris McNair, a student in the Cell and Developmental Biology PhD Program will present “RB Loss Reprograms AR and E2F1 Cistromes in Prostate Cancer” at the Keystone Conference Nuclear Receptors: Full Throttle also held in January.

We are glad to have Jennifer and Chris represent our PhD programs in these prestigious international meetings.