SKCC Students and Fellows Receive The 2015 AACR Woman In Cancer Research Scholar Awards


2015 SKCC AACR WIR Scholars

Ileine Sanchez, Dr. Jessica Teh, Dr. Mizue Terai, Arpita Mondal and Kristina Shahriari

The Women in Cancer Research (WICR) Council has selected Ileine Sanchez, BS and Jessica Teh, PhD, MizueTerai, PhD, Arpita Mondal and Kristina Shahriari as recipients of a 2015 WICR Scholar Award. The American Association for Cancer Research were especially pleased to be able to recognize Thomas Jefferson University’s Ileine Sanchez’s, Dr. Jessica Teh’s and Dr. Misue Trai’s outstanding abstracts in the field of melanoma and skin cancer research. The Lankeanu Institute of Medical Research’s Arpita Mondal’s abstract is entitled “A novel pro-angiogenic role for IDO1 in inflammatory tumor promotion”.  Drexel University School of Medicine’s Kristina Shahriari’s abstract is entiteld “Interleukin-1β secreted into the bone metastatic niche by androgen receptor-negative prostate cancer cells enables skeletal metastasis”.

WICR Scholar Awards are given annually to WICR members who are scientists-in-training and presenters of meritorious scientific papers at the AACR Annual Meeting. Selection is made based on the Program Committee’s rating of your proffered paper and recommendations from the WICR Scholar Award Selection Committee.

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