Dr. Andrew Aplin to Lead Basic Science of the Sidney KImmel Cancer Center


Dr. Andrew Aplin

Dr. Andrew Aplin

Congratulations to Andrew Aplin, PhD, for his appointment to lead Basic Science for the SKCC! Dr. Aplin has already distinguished himself as the leader of the Cancer Cell Biology and Signaling Program, and he will bring his energy and scientific expertise to all aspects of basic research here at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. Please join us in congratulating him on this new expanded role.

Dr. Aplin’s research laboratory focuses on melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Since 2002, he has identified downstream targets of mutant BRAF-MEK-ERK signaling in melanoma, demonstrated the contribution of these targets to the malignant traits, and analyzed the influence of the tumor microenvironment. More recently, his lab has analyzed the determinants of response and mechanisms of resistance to BRAF inhibitors. Through his collaborations with Takami Sato and Carol Shields on the Jefferson campus, Dr Aplin and his team are extending their studies into ocular melanoma. His laboratory also collaborates with clinicians in the Melanoma Center of Excellence at Jefferson and with melanoma researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the Wistar Institute. Through this research, they aim to promote the bi-directional flow of new discoveries between the laboratory and the bedside.

Andrew’s expertise and accomplishments in both basic and translational research, combined with his natural leadership skills, gives us the utmost confidence in his ability to take the helm of this important position.