Kimmel Cancer Center “All Hands Meeting”


The Kimmel Cancer Center held it’s quarterly “All Hands” meeting on December 12, 2012. Dr. Richard Pestell, Director of the Kimmel Cancer Center, delivered his quarterly “State of the Cancer Center” address. Awards were presented in 3 categories. The Administration Award was presented to the KCC Post-Award Administration Group (Dina Liebowitz, Melissa McDaid Dyer, Melanie Elliott, Karen Gosik, Tracey Kajkowski, Kathy Wyszynski, Rick Yellis and Pam Bachman). The Nursing Award was presented to Bone Marrow Transplant Unit (Patricia Cornett Farley, Michael Sun, Ngoc Bao Ho, Minh Duc Tran, Brendan McGuire and Barbara Stanback). The Clinical Award was presented to Matthew Carabasi, MD. There were also special presentations about upcoming Consortium-wide Pilot/Special Project Funding opportunities. Dr. Richard Davidson discussed the American Cancer Society – Institutional Research Grant. Drs. Andrew Quong and Noreen Robertson discussed the KCC Pilot Project Program (funding provided by TJU and Drexel). Dr. Banu Onaral and Mr. Davood Tashayyod discussed the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation Translational Research Partnership Program.

Dr. Matthew Carabasi receives the Clinician Award from Drs. Neal Flomenberg and Richard Pestell

The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit receives the Nursing Award from Drs. Neal Flomenbger and Richard Pestell