Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center Administrator Appointed President-elect of Association of Cancer Executives


Joy Soleiman

Joy Soleiman

Joy Soleiman, MPA, the Clinical Administrator for the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson, has been appointed president-elect of the Association of Cancer Executives.

The one-year appointment began in February at the association’s annual meeting. Ms. Soleiman will become president at the association’s annual meeting in 2010, to be held in San Diego. That is also a one-year appointment.

“It is an honor that my peers have elected me to this position,” Ms. Soleiman said. “The Association of Cancer Executives has been a valuable tool to me and many people. It strives to provide cancer executives with ample opportunities for personal education and development.

Ms. Soleiman has been a member of the Association of Cancer Executives for 15 years. She was halfway through serving a two-year term as secretary when she was appointed President-elect.

The secretary replacement is Patricia Dugan, RN, who is Administrative Director of the Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center Network.