Jefferson Breast Cancer Researcher to Receive PA Income Tax Check-Off Grant


Dr. Hallgeir Rui

Dr. Hallgeir Rui

Hallgeir Rui, M.D., Ph.D, a professor of Cancer Biology at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson’s Kimmel Cancer Center, is one of three recipients of the Income Tax Check-Off for Breast & Cervical Cancer Research grants this year.

The $50,000 award will be used to conduct research to understand what causes the inactivation of STAT5, which is a protein that plays a role in breast cancer. According to Dr. Rui, women with inactive STAT5 protein have a seven times higher risk of death from breast cancer.

“We are truly excited to have been selected to receive this grant, especially since obtaining funding can be difficult even in the best economic times,” Dr. Rui said “STAT5 has significant clinical relevance and our laboratory has been studying its role for some time. These funds will allow us to complete the next phase of our research.”

The Income Tax Check-Off for Breast & Cervical Cancer Research is a program created by the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition that enables Pennsylvania residents to donate their state tax refunds to breast or cervical cancer research. The legislation for the program was signed in 1997. It has since raised more than $2 million for breast and cervical cancer research.

Taxpayers can donate their refunds to breast and cervical cancer research by checking line 35 on their PA 40 form.