KCC’s Brain Tumor Center’s New Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Featured in Several News Outlets


Led by Dr. David Andrews, co-director of the Brain Tumor Center of the Kimmel Cancer Center, a new immunotherapy clinical trial at Jefferson will harvest cells from brain tumors for use in treatment.

In an interview with KYW Newsradio, Dr. Andrews explains that the first step of the trial will be a surgical procedure to take cells from the brain tumor. He adds, “We then take the tumor cells and treat them with a drug that will induce cell death. The drug itself actually interacts with the immune system.”

Afterwards, the cells are placed in the stomach to work with the immune system to attack the malignant tumor.

Learn more by reading “In Battle Against Cancer, New Trial Fights Fire with Fire” from KYW Newsradio and “Immunotherapy Tested on Brain Tumors” from the Philadelphia Tribune.

Information about this upcoming trial was also mentioned on CBS 3.