Marja Nevalainen Talks to ‘Cancer Discovery’ About Science Careers


In a Dec. 1 news article  published in the American Association for Cancer Research journal Cancer Discovery,  Marja Nevalainen, M.D., Ph.D., an associate professor of cancer biology, medical oncology, and urology, offers up her insight for a story focusing on the challenges and opportunities postdocs face in an increasingly tight job market.

KCC's Dr. Marja Nevalainen

“Typically, postdoctoral training is overseen by one mentor,” says Nevalainen, who also oversees junior faculty and graduate education at the KCC. Nevalainen suggests an advisory committee of 2 or 3

members for each postdoctoral trainee, especially if the postdoc is supported by an institutional training grant (T32).

In addition, “If you have a strong basic scientist as one mentor, input from a physician–scientist may facilitate thinking about research designs in the lab that have translational applications such as therapy and biomarker development.”

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“Jobs Wanted: Cancer Research”