Kimmel Cancer Center “All Hands” Meeting


The Kimmel Cancer Center held it’s quarterly “All Hands” meeting on June 29, 2011. Dr. Richard Pestell, Director of the Kimmel Cancer Center, delivered his quarterly “State of the Cancer Center” address. Awards were presented in two categories. The Nursing Award was presented to JoAnn Silcox, RN, MSN. The Basic Science Award was presented to Madhukar (Matthew) Thakur, PhD. A special “Appreciation” award was presented to Richard Haldeman, CPA, MBA. Also a special “Wings” award was presented to Isidore Rigoutsos, PhD.

JoAnn Silcox Receives Nursing Award From Dr. Andrew Chapman

Dr. Madhukar (Matthew) Thakur Receives Basic Science Award From Dr. Richard Davidson

Richard Haldeman Receives Special "Appreciation" Award from Dr. Richard Pestell

Dr. Isidore Rigoutsos Receives Special "Wings" Award From Dr. Richard Pestell